UMAX is presently joint ventured with a German based company in Nano Technology Nano Technology Revolution Products

Designed in Germany for the USA Market, this technology will revolutionize the meaning of renewable energy production, storage, heating and lighting systems within the world markets.

  1. The solar elements produce as much energy as traditional panels manufactured in China. with one major difference. Production will be cheaper than traditional solar combined with minimal pollution (Screen Printing Process/Paste).
  1. The heating film can be utilized to heat building structures and can be manufactured utilizing a different drying process to achieve 450c enough to apply to cooking surfaces. Eliminating electric traditional system with a 2mm thick paste application and regulated for heating control.
  1. Lighting application this is a thin film of paste that when dried correctly produces lumens comparable to that of traditional LED systems.
  1. Energy storagefeatures of the paste that given more research could potentially replacelithium batteries with more given research funding.

UMAX will continue to look for an investor willing to participate in funding the project to 10M USD initially with more funding needed upon the beginning of production, in comparison the LED industry alone is a 6-Billion-dollar industry yearly. This is without the other aspects of the technology, electricity generation, electricity storage devices, heating devices. The applications are endless.


UMAX is an emerging company looking to diversify its portfolio investing and merging with various entities that generate revenue for its shareholders.



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