UMAX owns 20% of Rockstar Mining Corp., as agreed to under the signed ownership documents, and holds two seats on the board of directors. This company is very exciting and has a huge revenue potential (please see for further details on the joint venture). Rockstar Mining Corp. is located in Northern Nevada next to some of the richest and most prosperous gold mining areas in the country.

Rock Star Mining Corp. intends to begin mining on a small scale in early January, and then expand its operations to full scale during 2017. The President of the company believes that Northern Nevada is the best location to operate because 10% of the world's gold is produced there, which is why so many other mining companies are operating in the area. The history of the mine site can be found @ Here you will see an exact location map and the mines history of production. We meet with one of the old workers who told us that they were working with old equipment and only 8 hrs a day, yet still producing 5 OZ per day, we intend to run 20 hrs per day with modern equipment.


Rockstar Mining Corp. is presently in the funding stages. A significant amount of money has been raised for further testing deeper in the soil, since the primary testing results came back with high potential for the land. Once these results are published, UMAX believes funding this project will be a major step towards receiving back long terms funds, which can then be utilized for other projects.