Mobile Power on Demand




UMAX is now working under a joint venture agreement with the MOPD concepts of the founders Son who initially came up with the idea when he was 8 years old when the disaster in Haiti happened, since then it has been buried in day to day business, the founder’s son now 19 spoke again about Florida and how disasters are becoming stronger and more frequent. We have the old idea dad, why can we not restart the program again? So therefore, UMAX once again becomes dedicated to been pro active in saving lives and bring comfort to the needy in the times of disaster.


Our mission is to be able to purchase disaster relieve system in the renewable energy market. The Immediate Sustainable Life Pod or Mobile Power on Demand is equipped with every need a Family  Military / Humanitarian / Red Cross / CDC Hospital deployed overseas applications and much more, basically anywhere relieve would need, when they have lost everything. It takes children from a disaster situation to a camping atmosphere immediately on deployment. It helps first responders establish a base of operation for first aid, food stations, solar and battery power as well as survival tools, charging ports for cell phone communications, AM Radios etc...

We will eventually be setting up a foundation in the future to create awareness and be prepared for any major disaster. We will be asking the public and sponsor organizations to make a charitable donation to prepare all nations in the future to save lives, when you review this site you will see more and more

disasters, your town could be next. With federal and national governments strained to their limits, we all nations and people need to be aware and become pro active. As a charity any donations are tax deductable yet in the end could save your life or someone’s child’s life (Pictures of disasters, homeless people, frightened children our large-scale version could hold and support 25 tents)



UMAX is an emerging company looking to diversify its portfolio investing and merging with various entities that generate revenue for its shareholders.



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