Mission Statement

UMAX MPOD will provide support and relieve efforts to local and federal government, both foreign and national. Providing swift and immediate relief to those in need after a disaster, with speed and rapid renewable energy deployment allowing local government’s time to initiate long-term support.


Imagine an earthquake or other major disaster that could happen at any time, it would be nice to know that electricity, food and shelter could be easy deployed. Yes, there are other versions on trailers that supply power. But none do all four elements, food, shelter, power, communications.


Sponsors Links

We will be looking for sponsors in the future after a prototype is built, to pay for the development of the MPODs to which their name will be place on the MPOD (Wrap) in disasters news coverage is enormous millions of viewers World Wide imaging what this would cost normally and look you are helping people at the same time. Again, each disaster there is huge media coverage worth millions, imagine your logo

on the side of the PODs. Not only do you help people and doing a positive thing in the world by been prepared, you could gain major advertising that is associated with your donation. Business is Business and we understand this, hence the wrapping of the PODs in your colors, our main goal is to bring relieve to those in need. You gain exposure and marketing dollars as a tax write off well spent. It makes sense for us to be prepared; it makes sense for you in business.


Disaster Charts and Statistics

Over the past years we have seen increasing disasters around the World and locally in the United States, governments, FEMA, and local municipalities are struggling to respond quickly. Most governments out source different aspects to recovery, power, food, accommodation and sometimes this take to long for

those in need. Our mission is to purchase PODs that carry all the equipment and food, power and much more to the source within hours, locally donated to different states the PODs will be immediately deployed, i.e. a tent city with power food and accommodation within hours.

The estimate life lost is in the thousands, let’s be prepared more, most lives are lost in the first 48hrs with long term homelessness and hunger which follows. The MPOD will allow immediate response and rapid saving of both physical but also emotional suffering.


The Product


The product is based on a air portable, truck loadable system containing various needs based on climate and situations, however and basic deployable model is developed to carry the following basic components with expansion capabilities purely based of size and space. Everything is possible.

Minimum 2KW to 4KW of solar power

1000 Amps of battery backup for night time use.

Tents to accommodate 60 people or larger tents where applicable

Sleeping bags or blankets for 60 people or more.

Cooking facility (Stoves)

Liquid gas for cooking

Dried food for 5 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner (Various menus, dependent on area of deployment)

100 Galloon of drinkable water

Cables and lighting (LED)

First aid kit (immediate response and self-help tools)


Lab tops load with first aid and basic survival needs

Basic tools (Spades, Picks, Hatchets, some power tools, saws)

Radio’s for communication

Flashing Beckons for help request flares

Matches, fire starters for camp fires

Obviously there will be different requirements dependent on the user, military / civilian. We will also explore in the future smaller units for hunters and civilian use. The government tells everyone to have a

prepared evacuation kit, this could be scales down into small versions to accommodate every evacuation situation.



UMAX is an emerging company looking to diversify its portfolio investing and merging with various entities that generate revenue for its shareholders.



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