Mobile Power on Demand

UMAX is now working under a joint venture agreement with the MOPD concepts to be formed in the near future, who initially came up with the idea when he was 8 years old when the disaster in Haiti happened, since then it has been buried in day to day business, the founder’s son now 19 spoke again about Florida and how disasters are becoming stronger and more frequent. We have the old idea dad, you should do that again Dad, why can't you restart the program again? So therefore, UMAX once again becomes dedicated to been pro active in saving lives and bring comfort to the needy in the times of disaster. 

 MOPD’s mission will be to construct a solar cell based Sustainable Life Pod or Mobile Power on Demand (MOPD) System. The MOPD system will mobile, and potentially be equipped for immediate deployment to disaster areas to provide first responders a power grid capable of generating the power to establish a base of operation along with basic necessities such as water, toiletries, freeze dried meals, tents, and other essential items needed immediately after a disaster has occurred (the “MOPD Unit”).

Micro-grids can be an important solution: a combination of a solar generator and hardened distribution system can supply reliable quantities of electricity to a small circuit of users including emergency services, shelters, gas stations and grocery stores. But once you build a micro-grid, you are committed to what you have built. Mobile solar generators, like the proposed MOPD Unit to be designed and built by our new subsidiary, though not nearly as powerful – can be configured according to need, and can be chained together to provide sufficient power to do more than charge cell phones and batteries.

UMAX believes that with proper funding from both private sources as well as potential state and federal grants, MOPD can design and develop a working prototype of the MOPD Unit by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018.

According to the latest authoritative figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance Second quarter of 2017 saw $64.8 billion invested in clean energy around the world, up 21% from 1Q this year.

UMAX and MOPD will be proactive in creating awareness that municipalities need to be prepared for an emergency situation if, and when disaster strikes, and that the MOPD Unit can be an important piece of emergency machinery that can be deployed quickly to assist with disaster recovery. 




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